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ACCEO Information sheets.

General Information on caravanning and camping exemption certification can be seen at - or please enquire through the Contacts page on other matters.

These Information Sheets below are an interpretation by ACCEO of complex legislation and may be downloaded after logging in. They should not be used other than as a basis for further investigation before taking any action.

Whilst every effort is made to provide an accurate interpretation no Club or individual shall have any claim against ACCEO or it’s Officers in respect of any loss or damage resulting from the advice given in the information sheets.

SHEET No  TITLE                                                      DESCRIPTION

No’s are


 1              What is ACCEO                                        A brief resume of the history, aims &                                                                                objectives.

 2              Exempted Organisations rallying on         Criteria for organising rallies on or                   Licensed Sites                                        adjacent to licensed property.

 3              Extended or ‘Holiday’ rallies using           Member Clubs may apply to use the
                 ACCEO Certificated of Exemption            ACCEO certification for Invitation and/or                                                                                Extended Rallies’

 4              Rallies in National Parks                          The need and requirement for special                                                                                permission.

 5              The Caravan Sites & Control of                Extracts of the essential legislation
                 Development Act 1960                            which controls caravanning and planning                                                                                exemption.

 6              Formation of NEW CARAVAN CLUBS        Obtaining an Exemption Certificate.

 7              Criteria for choosing rally sites               Codes of Conduct concerning access,                                                                                duration, and frequency of rallies.

 8              Model Club Constitution                          Essential information for a new club.

 9              Tents and caravan rallies                        The requirements for a Camping                                                                                Certificate.

10              WITHDRAWN

11              Spacing of units on rallies                      A Rally Steward’s guide.

12              Public Liability and All Risk Insurance     Policies specially tailored to the needs of                                                                                Exempted Clubs.

14              A Guide to the 1960 Act                         Guidance to paragraphs relevant to                                                                                exemptions from the Caravan Sites &                                                                                Control of Development Act 1960.

15              The ‘28 day’ rule.                                   An oft misunderstood section of the 1960                                                                                Act.

16              ‘Para 4’ Exemption                                 Criteria, entitlement, and procedure for                                                                                an Exemption.

17              Personal Membership of ACCEO               Application procedure.

18              Rally Information and Considerations       DEFRA Codes of Conduct.

19              Advice to Tenants and Owners of            A few rules in the interests of Rally Site
                  Unlicensed Land ( re CSCDA 1960)           owners.

20              WITHDRAWN

21              Going abroad for the first time?              
Some basic advice.

22              Special Interest Clubs                              
Many ACCEO Member Clubs were formed
                                                                               to cater for special interest groups.

23              GDPR                                                      General Advice

24              ACCEO Membership and Services            General Advice

 Application to renew Club Membership of ACCEO

 Application to hold an ACCEO 'Paragraph 4' Extended (Up to 28 days) Rally

 Application to hold a Rally in a National Park (Up to 5 days)

Public Liability Insurance for Clubs

Many people have an element of public liability indemnity included within insurance for car, caravan or home. It is essential that Clubs have such insurance to protect officers and members alike against an accident resulting from perceived negligence whilst engaged in Club activities.

Many site owners now insist on high levels of public liability indemnity and ACCEO has traditionally arranged a policy for it’s member clubs to provide these levels of cover required. Member clubs may be annexed to this policy by contributing to the overall annual premium an amount depending upon the number of caravanning or camping units within the Club.

The policy operates each year from 1st December and pro-rata premiums for new Clubs joining the scheme after that date. The premiums are very competitive within the insurance world and many Clubs join the Association to benefit from this. Contact officers of the Association for details of cover and premium contributions.

Club Equipment Insurance

Clubs acquire much equipment to aid their rallying activities, many moving this equipment about the country in trailers. ACCEO has arranged a policy with possibly the lowest premium rates available, to insure their member clubs equipment and trailers where necessary.

This policy operates from 1st March each year and pro-rata premiums are calculated for Clubs joining the scheme after this date.

Contact the Insurance Officer for more details of cover and premium rates.


 Application to hold an ACCEO ‘Paragraph 6’ Rally